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Learn New Things  2015 Classes Coming Soon!
 In 2014 over 300 people have participated in our  Couples Class with 5 star ratings!


Couples Massage Class
2.5 Hours
$189 per Couple

Maximum Attendees - 6 Couples


Does your partner hem and haw about giving you a back rub?  Do you cringe when you are asked to do the same? Do your hands hurt after just a couple of minutes? Does your lack of confidence make a home back or shoulder rub an unpleasant experience?

Some couples and group classes are not very thorough, but this one is! And it addresses all of the common problems with home massage and more.  This clothing-on class is designed to teach couples all about the art of chair  and home massage with lots of take home hints and techniques that can be applied in a variety of aches, pains, and situations. 

In this class you will learn tons of technique, and more importantly how to make rubbing your honey or friend easy, safe, and fun. Save your hands and at the same time actually address your partners needs.  Besides a fun educational experience, this class makes a great date night, and includes snacks and wine.

Excellent Shower, Bachelor Party, or Wedding Gift!

Vouchers, discounts, and coupons are eligible for this class.

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Understanding Hypnosis


Cost - $99 per person
Maximum Attendees - 8




We talk to a lot of folks that are curious about the hypnosis experience and how it might help them. If you haven’t been hypnotized, it’s not to be missed.  This class includes an overview of the types of hypnosis and how it works, a group hypnosis, the chance to do a short hypnosis with a partner. You are going to be amazed at how it all works!


Hypnosis Classes Are Completed For 2015, Please Check Back Again For Future Classes



Self-Defense for Urban Living


Duration - 2 Hours
Cost - $19 per person
Preferred Members attend this class for FREE!

Maximum Attendees - 8






This is a fun, yet informative class is taught by our own Sandra Spencer. In just two short hours, you will learn practical self-defense information including:

  • The basic rules of staying safe and self-defense
  • How to use your body as a weapon if necessary
  • Different ways you might be approached by a predator and how to react
  • What to do if the predator has a weapon
  • Great practical advice and ways to get help in difficult situations

*This is a hands-on class, but there will be no throwing participants, jousting, body slamming, or other activities that may cause intentional harm. Please wear lighter, looser clothing as appropriate. All activities in this class my not be appropriate for certain health conditions, please ask any questions if you are unsure.

Sandra Spencer has been practicing martial arts and other defensive arts since the age of 8. By the age of 12, she had obtained her "blue belt" and continued on, studying Soo Bahk Do. Sandra has the certified high honor Jyo Kyo Nim and is a self-defense instructor. She has offered this practical class to both adults and children many times at schools and YMCA's in various areas of the country, with rave reviews!


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Expertly Crafted Wellness 24 hour cancellation policies and all other policies as posted apply to all classes.  All no-show class participants will be charged full price for the uncompleted reservation. 
ECW may cancel and reschedule any class at out discretion if there are fewer than a minimum number of reservations in group classes, or in cases of inclement weather.  Other cancellation policies may apply. We reserves the right to changclass calendars at any time and to refuse participation to any attendee for lack of personal hygiene, or use of drugs and alcohol.